Social Computing.

Having to a full time Knowledge Management role, it would not be fair if i didnt practice what i preach. So, here I am, putting my thoughts about the things I am doing, the way Knowledge Management can make a difference to organizational success, and how this entire process is evolving.

I came across an interesting article by McKinsey and Co. about the nature of interactional job roles, and how their effectiveness needs to be increased to create the next wave of competitive advantage. While I am no expert on competitive advantage, I do agree that it is the people who represent the competitive advantage available to an organization. This has always been so, even during the “agrarian” and “industrial” economies, only, in the “knowledge” economy, the concept has become amplified.

I am currently trying to create a White Paper on Social Computing and its impact on organizational structures. More on that as I learn more!

Cheers, Atul.


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