Monsoons …

This is the first post I am making on this blog. And, needless to say, its about the Monsoons …

I was supposed to be in Mumbai right now, and had it not been for the rains … Actually, not the rains, but more the way our infrastructure can handle them … And, why Mumbai alone … Kolkata was floating, too!

Though, the fact of the matter is, too, that the Monsoons unleash their own Magic … the Magic of Saawan … Of a bountiful crop, which feeds the vitality of a civilization. Of bringing life out of the laboured slumber of the Summers … No wonder, then, that the Monsoons are celebrated across the length and breadth of the country … Even if that means that washed clothes remain soggy for days!

Here’s to the Monsoons …


2 Comments on “Monsoons …”

  1. Prasenjit says:

    Good.I think we should all open a Blog,where others can put their views,tech comments and of course humour stuff.

  2. Monimala says:

    first of all congratulations for ur non work related blog . atleast friends like me who r ignorant in those work related terms can express their genuine comments on this blogspot .specially when the topic u hav chosen s one of my favourite season. u r right even with the fear of soggy clothes fr days we welcome monsoon .since childhood me used to track the path of monsoon wind even in geography book ..cud hear the pitter patter sound emanating out frm those pages ..monsoon means huge clouds black clouds covering the sky entirely …. that earthy smell coming out frm soil ..makes us feel so fresh at heart .u can imagine somewhere peacock has spread its clourful feathers n dancing .. rain s the amazing creation of God …. molten silver pouring out in buckets …in such an artistic way…that only God can hav such creativity to make it. that day in early morning after a short spell of rain sunrays peeped out that created the wonder called rainbow what an wonderful sight it was.!coming back to monsoon n kolkata .. maidan looks so gorgeous with washed greeneries. boats in babughat swing merrily with the ripples of ganga ,krishnachuras days r over they just make the path rediish on its way back, but what is more amazing suddenly u find kolkata has a striking resemblence with Venice .like . u find ur neighbours house s getting reflected deep down into the water thats been logged into somewhere u used to call a street just a day back. now its almost a river atleast a canal.paperboats n monsoon r still the inseparable papad n kichudi r with monsoon.but so far i hav talked abt the rosy side of monsoon but for poor n slum dwellers its a nightmare i guess..the pictures we r watching thru television set stops me welcoming for more rain .rather me whisper rain rain go away come again another day….

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