Utilization versus Customer …

Over the last two days, I have come across scenarios at some of the most revered eateris in Kolkata (Calcutta if you may), which are unsavoury, at least to me!

At Peter Cat … They believe that if the size of the entourage doesnt fit with the size of their table, you are not allowed in. So, if theres 2 of you, and they have a table of 4 which is vacant, perish the thought of having the chance to dine there. They would much rather leave the table vacant (on the assumption that they will get 4 covers soon!) … One could argue that if they took in the 2 diners, 4 people would be inconvenienced (did i get that right?). But I dont think they have such altruistic thoughts behind this.

Or, take Flury’s for that matter … For some reason, the establishment believes that people dont drink (or, maybe, that they shouldnt drink) Tea or Coffee along with their Lunch. Presumably, which is why, they refuse to serve Coffee if you go there at Lunchtime. I had gone there with a colleague, and … I was going to have a Pastry, and she decided to have Coffee (presumably because of a Diet!). And, the bearer told us that he cannot serve Coffee! Of course, he still wanted me to have the Pastry!

This doesnt take anthing away from the Food. The Chello Kababs are every bit as they ought to be, and Flury’s still makes up the best Muffins.

Strangely, this is something I havent come across anywhere except Kolkata, though, by no stretch of the imagination could I hold this against the City i love …


5 Comments on “Utilization versus Customer …”

  1. Atul says:

    Actually, it wasnt me, I was already digging into the Chello Kababs, it was a group of ladies waiting outside …

    I must add, though, that for all I am writing, the Chello Kababs are delicious. Every bit as they have been …

  2. debbie says:

    It was very enjoying reading your blog since I was your happy accompanist. But i just have one objection.. was it very necessary to include tha fact that my innocent coffee was for diet purposes???… U know the reasons.. after that sinful chelo kababs i dint wat to add more sins @ flurys.. and true to our family culture we ate 1/4 th of the muffins

  3. Atul says:

    Why do you have to do that to the poor Muffin? Do justice to it, please!

  4. debbie says:

    Atul how are your sweet meats faring?.. I hope you are doing them justice.. In fact i found your blogs very interesting indeed(possibly the best way to indulge in the thought process of an individual).. I agree with the feelings & feedbacks of the employees that if we can bring even half of the blogging concept to the KM community, it will change the way we are valued.. From the junks that people see us today we can drive business

  5. Atul says:

    I do agree with you. As we can see from here, there is so much more which can be shared by way of a blog, than can be shared in a formalized document.

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