Funny or Intelligent?

I was watching an interview with Bollywood’s funny man … Sajid Khan. No matter he gets on people’s nerves, he is funny. He says people dont take him seriously, they dont think he is intelligent, because he is funny.

Hmmmmm … Thats a fact, isnt it? People believe that if you are funny, you are a clown, and a clown is not meant to be intelligent. Is that true? I wouldnt think you would say it is. Fact is, anyone who is funny has to give people a reason to laugh. To do that, he has to find the reason that would make people laugh, and that requires a keen understanding of human nature, and of the cultural and intellectual background of the audience. And all of this has to be done in a split second. I believe I have a good sense of humour, and I can make people laugh, but the audience has to be able to connect to my wavelength, not the other way round. From that perspective, I wouldnt say I am intelligent, though I Hope that I get to be.


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