Where’s the time

The largest issue which a KM practitioner faces … Where’s the time! Fact … People are fully loaded when it comes to work. Or, they like to believe they are. So wheres’s the time for KM. Where’s the time for people to “do” KM. That, in addition to the work they already need to do in their regular job role.

Everybody agrees that living as we are, in the Knowledge Economy, there has to be an emphasis on managing knowledge. But when it comes to putting the talk into walk, theres a lot left to be desired. Question is … How does one overcome this! The way I look at it, the answer is, well … Simple! The answer is Value. No, not 42!

The way I see it, people would look closely at KM, participate (and end of the day, isnt that what all KM practitioners want?), only and only if they see value in KM. Whatever initiatives the KM organization runs, have to deliver value to the business.

In other words, if, and only if, KM is able to enable practitioners to derive value, and be able to find some value added through KM, would participation see an upward trend.

Which brings us to the next logical question … How can we ensure that KM initiatives are linked into value creation activities in the organization? More about this soon …


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