This is not a Kerala style exclamation. Simply an abbreviation (we seem to be having a lot of them, and for some inexplicable reason, they are all three letters … I do have a theory … Most of these emerge from Management Consultants, and if they were two letters, everyone would be able to understand them and Consultants wouldnt be able to make any Money, and if they were four letters, the Consultants wouldnt be able to understand them themselves). What does this stand for? Out of Body Experience … Wondering why I am writing about this?

The Times of India today carried an article about induced out of body experiences. Hmmmmm … Interesting! Whither absolut realities? At this point, I would refer you to this blog by Prithwis da (not just because he was my Boss, but simply because this is an amazing blog!). OK … Enough of beating around the bush. But, the story by itself is quite interesting … Thought provoking, to say the least.

Would leave you with a question … Where does this leave us in terms of an absolute truth? I have to go now, but you can be sure I would write more about this. Why? This is a very important step towards understanding non-duality, isnt it? Of undertsnading The Ultimate Cause? The Ultimate Cause, that transcends all boundaries of space, time, somethingness, and nothingness … The Cause which created boundaries (so, how could He be bound by them?).

This, along with another article, on the same page of the ToI which talks about scientists having discovered a hole in the Universe! Wow … A hole in emptiness? Food for thought, definitely?


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