Food a la Bangalore

Bangalore is no longer the retired people’s paradise. I would think there are very few retirees left in this erstwhile City of Gardens. There are still a few gardens around, but they primarily conspicuous by their absence (I know, I know, lots of people have written about this, but all I am trying to do is introduce the post).

What I would like to mention here … Food! Bangalore is somewhere between Hyderabad, and Kerala. Mathematically, this makes Bangalore the ideal place to average out the two influences. And, that is what we did …

Hyderabad Biryaani House … on Palm Grove Road … is every bit as enticing as the counterpart in the Biryaani Capital. The place comes with a legacy … HBH conjures pictures of some of the best Biryaanis you can dig into … Anywhere! And, thats a pretty stiff legacy. But the otlet at Palm Grove Road does full justice to the Biryaani of the Biryaani House, and hence, to the reputation the place carries. The Biryaani I had must have been some of the best Biryaani I have ever dug into … A must-try!

Dinner was at a venerable Bangalore establishment … Empire Hotel at the corner of Church Street and Museum Road … The spices are enough to put the house on fire! But the Food is delectable. Though, I am still trying to figure out why the Kerala Parottas are round, while the Ceylon Parottas are square (theres no other difference, or so the waiter informed us). Mutton, and Prawns, with Kerala Parottas (we are talking about the neighbourhood here, remember?) … Delectable …

This averaging business reminds me …

Mathematically, an average is about having your feet in the 0ven, and your head in the freezer, and feeling comfortable on the average!


One Comment on “Food a la Bangalore”

  1. debbie says:

    Let priya not read ur blogs out here or you might get very few calls to bangalore 🙂 in fact i remember HBH because i had to stad in line for full one hour in the evening fo dinner once with a friend and then i got place.. but yes its amazing!!!!

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