Ram Setu, and Tsunami Warning

Its heartening to read that the ASI has conducted a survey of the Ram Setu, and found that the structure is a natural formation. At the same time, the wording … that “characters in the Ramayana” didnt exist … leaves a lot to be desired. From what the ToI says, they are rectifying this.

While there may not be historical proof, the fact remains …

Kan kan mein base hain Ram!

For, Religion is one of the cornerstones of life, the way we see it … There is the opinion that man made God, and not the other way round … While I am not going to argue with the opinion (dont you think that after all, an opinion is an opinion, and there is noting inherently right or wrong with them), I dont agree with that opinion. The problem, I think, comes when people try to impose their opinions on others, because of a belief that their opinion is better than the other person’s opinion.

I am trying to figure out, though … Why is it that there is so much of increased tectonic activity of late? Day before yesterday, there was a massive Earthquke off Sumatra … India was on Tsunami alert, too. Either the fury of Nature has increased, or public memory has increased. I know not which. But, something we need to look into?


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