The Next Innovation …

Now that we have seen how T20 can be so similar to gali cricket, and is evidently the latest thing to happen in the world of instant Karma, where a 50-over one-day match is suddenly becoming too long. Where the game has moved from 5 days to 60 overs a side, to 50 overs a side, and now, to 20 overs a side.

Of course, there is so much more innovations that the ICC should come out with:

1. Ball hitting the sight screen … Out! Considering that any batsman hitting a window-pane was immediately given out. Quite gleefully, that too!

2. One tip-one hand … Out! This is our equivalent to underarm bowling, and a very nice thing, because this guarantees that everyone will be out before you can spell Ratatouille.

3. Cutting Chai … The quintessential Mumbai beverage (the rest of the country believes in glass-fulls of Tea!). This is the quintessential companion for the brand of cricket that is changing the face of the game!


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