KM and Training

This is a question that is being asked in a lot of places … Where does KM fit into the Training Strategy of the organization? Or, maybe, the question need be where Training fits into the KM strategy? Semantics … Either way, we need to find a way of integrating these.

I was just talking with a friend of mine, where he was mentioning that they do trainings based on work they have done with clients. Interesting thought … A lot of organizations look at this as KM … Harvesting learnings from customer facing work, and communicating to the larger community. And here we have a school of thought which looks at this as training.

The problem is, to my mind, that training is seen purely as an in-class, or an e-learning event. Where people listen to someone who is discussing her thoughts about a particular experience she has had. However, if we look at this in the larger context, there is the thought that end of the day, this is all about sharing thoughts and experiences. Dont instructors do the very thing in class? Some people ask where the dividing line between training and KM is. To my mind, there is no such line, and even if there is, it should be ignored to make both the training, and the KM initiatives effective.


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