The Guru …

Because our mind can fathom only a particular dimension of an entity that is beyond dimensions … God … we tend to believe that there is no dimension save ours! and, if you look at it closely, over the ages, this has been a sore point. whether it be the Crusades, or the persecution of the Jews, or the modern scourge … Terrorism!

I shudder to think there are people who believe that God has ordered them to kill others. God … beyond dimenstions, and beyond characteristics … and yet, of them … how shall we fathom Him in the shallowness of our minds? Is it at all possible? No, there has to be another level of understanding to begin to understand … and, this level is where we need to go … How? If only I knew … But, I believe that this is where the Guru, the Master, who is Himself at an exalted state can work miracles (though this is not necessarily the only place!).

But first, we must prepare ourselves for the acceptance … somewhat like the ritual bath? Only, this preparation is not of the body, maybe not even of the mind, but of the spirit … And, it is an acceptance which is both way … First of all, we need to accept God without condition! Cynics ask … If there is God, why is there so much misery? A story comes to mind … one of those innumerable email forwards …

There was once a barber. While shaving a customer, they got into a discussion over God. The barber summarily dismissed God, using the same argument. That if there is God, why is there such misery? (This is the argument of the humanist. Extremely laudable, but looking in the wrong direction, I believe …). The man didnt say anything. He went out after getting the shave … And came back in a few minutes, declaring to the barber … You dont exist. What nonsense … I am standing right in front of you, the barber retorted … To which the man said … Then why are there so many people out there with beards? Because they dont come to me, the barber said.



2 Comments on “The Guru …”

  1. debbie says:

    This is really good.. worthe reading

  2. Atul says:

    Gla you found it interesting, Debbie. Nothing original in what I wrote, but just a collection of my thoughts.

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