The Guru … Another Post

Yesterday, I had written my thoughts about the importance of the Guru. And today, ToI middle page, which carries a column … The Speaking Tree … came out with a column about A Guru to Provide Safe Harbour which talks about the importance of the Guru.

The article contains a beautiful story (one among many that you ould read in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna …), about the Master’s initial interactions with Swami Vivekananda! About how, the Guru can lead you down the road which leads to spiritual upliftment (Salvation would be too heavy a word, when I am a beginner).

It also goes to mention that the Gods themselves sought out Gurus … So, Lord Krishna’s Guru was Sandipani Rishi, and Lord Rama, and Laxman, ha their Guru … Guru Vasishtha. The Guru, we are told, is to take responsibility of the spiritual life of the disciple, but wait … First, the disciple must give complete surrender … Otherwise, this doesnt go any further.


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