Competitive Advantage and Knowledge …

I came across a quote (thanks, Prof. Prashant) …

Where absolute superiority is not attainable, you must produce a relative one at the decisive point by making skilful use of what you have.

This is from the legendary, early 19th century Prussian soldier, Karl von Clausewitz. A telling commentary on what it takes to win at battle. And, he should know. Today’s business environment, at times, is nothing short of it. Would it be too much to say that some principles of war could be applied to the corporate world?

Let us look at this quote, and analyze different parts of this.

When absolute superiority is not attainable … this is the usual scenario in today’s world, as I am sure all of us would agree.

You must produce a relative superiority … Its enough to be able to run faster than the rest, and not necesarrily at the fastest possible (speed of light?)

At the decisive point … those little everyday moments when you have to take one of those multitude of decisions as part of your job role (this is not about whether you want Tea, or Coffee)

By making skilful use of what you have … knowledge!

It stands to reason that the more we have, the easier it is for us to create the relative advantage that is required, at the decisive points. After all, these decisive points are numerous in our daily working life.

Hence, KM …


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