Jehad … Good for Whome?

Recently, Pakistan has declared Emergency. The reasons have been compelling … And, the opinions have been predictable. Political parties in Pakistan have condemned it, the leadership in India is treading carefully, and the people in India think this should have happened considering the upsurge in Jehadi activities in Pakistan.

There has been a report in the newspapers, which tells that in this year, Pakistan has lost more lives in Jehadi activities, than India has. What kind of Jehadis are these? They dont even spare the people for whome they are supposedly fighting? And, are Jehadis actually fighting? And, what are they fighting? Are they fighting India, or Pakistan, Israel, or the USA? I dont think any of the lot. What they are fighting … Humanity. Nobody is the gainer here, and I am repeating myself, and a lot of people who have said this before me, but isnt this repitition required?

What shall ever man gain by killing another human being? Who has given us the right to end a life? Life … precious as it is, shall we not cherish it? Can we not learn that at the core, we are all the same? Human feelings, human emotions transcend all such barriers. Why can we not understand this? Why can we not go back to the Primal Source … to learn … learn a simple lesson … that we have the essence of Spirit. That we are made to travel a road, which is taking us to perfection, to a state where we shall have learnt the difference between us as human beings, and us as spirit, to begin with. Can we not achieve this, simply … Simply by looking insides? It has been said in The Holy Koran … that there are two types of Jehad … that the more important one is the one we shall fight within our hearts … to conquer our own hearts, and bring ourselves onto a path which God cherishes for His children. What would it take to ask the Jehadis … What would it take for them to realize this simple truth?


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