Being Good …

I am thinking about something. Something I am coming to realize … It doesnt matter what others think about you … Its what you think about yourself. I know … this has been said by the wise for long, but it takes realization to find out the true meaning. That what we do, is what we choose, and this leads to us learning … more at a Spiritual level, even if not at the physical level.

What this means … Be Good! Two simple words … But, to be honest, very difficult to understand. Being good is about doing to others as you would want them to do to you. Does this hold to the suicide bomber? No! So, what does being good mean? Maybe, each of us, depending on our Spiritual state, can define ourselves? Maybe … I dont know! What I need to ask … What if someone is being bad to you? Do you react in kind? There was a story I had read …

There was once a snake. The people in the villages used to fear him, and used to try to kill him every time they saw him. One day, he met a Sage. The Sage told him that they fear his nature … that, if he was nice to them, greeted them whenever he met them, they would lose their fear, and they wouldnt hurt him. The snake decided to follow the Sage’s advice. The next time he came across people, he went to greet them, but they threw stones at him. He was hurt, both physically, and Spiritually. This continued. Time went by … One day, the Sage was again passing through the jungle, and the snake met him. The Sage was surprised at his condition, all bruised … The snake told him all that happened. The Sage told him … Who asked you to not even show them your fangs? Show them your fangs, so they will run away, and you wont need to bite them.

Thing is, in real life, it becomes very difficult to find out when the fangs turn into bite. Being Good, you wouldnt want to bite … but, when someone is not being nice to you, you have to protect yourself … How to make sure you are only showing fangs, and not biting? This is the question …


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