Nandigram …

Sad state of affairs … Why does it have to come to this? The dispute began with a simple disagreement … Whether the Salim group should be allowed to set up operations at Nandigram. Why Nandigram? I dont know. But, whatever the reasons … A simple question … which an answer which ought to have been equally simple. But, it turns out, it wasnt so.

Today, it seems, the basic question of whether the Salim group should set up operations at Nandigram or not, has been forgotten. Today, Nandigram seems to have become a “war-zone” … Or so they said on the media. Maybe the media is hyping it … But then, maybe not. And, even if they are, does that mean the things that are happening at Nandigram should happen in any civilized society? It doesnt matter which political party is doing what … does it? I dont think so … What matters is the plight of the people. They have a life to live … and, this life has been dispurted … in a manner which does not befit any civilized society, much less India.

People being attacked with guns … killed, maimed. Women being raped … Are these things which we shall be proud of? I dont think any of us would be … Never should have happened, and never should happen again. Can we sit down at a table, and talk things through? I am not here to blame any political party, and even if they are to blame, we must not lose sight of the issue … People suffering. One way for people to display their angush … Bandh! What purpose does a Bandh serve? Lots of people have written, and talked about the impact these have on people who make a living on a aily basis. Shall society not be answerable to each of us?

Simple question … Can we talk about this?

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