Taslima in Kolkata

THere are parts of the city which suddenly seem to have gone up in arms … while the rest of the city looks on … in horror. Is this the Kolkata of yore? Is this the Kolkata that we love? I wouldnt like to believe that, but does one have an option except to believe? That maybe theres a method to the madness … that somewhere, some kind of human expression will arise. But, we wait, and we wait … in vain. Not for long, Hopefully?

Add to this the statement of Mr. Biman Bose … simply put, he says … if peace in the city is endangered, then Taslima Nasrin should leave. Does this mean the Left Front believes that anyone who is not liked by someone else should leave? Or, is this simply because there is a certain vote bank, and that vote bank needs to be pampered? Either way … does this mean the Government shall abdicate its duty to maintain law and order? Or, shall the Government be dictated to by one section of society? Not to say that the section may not even be civil society.

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