Whither Humanity?

An incident is being reported from Assam … Somewhere around 3000 Adivasi students were marching in the capital, Guwahati. They were walking towards the Vidhan Sabha, when the Police stopped them. They got angry … went on a rampage. Burnt quite a few vehicles, looted and tried to damage shops, when the local people retaliated … and beat to death, with bare hands, around 60 of these youths. The point? Simple … What makes people take out their frustration by burning vehicles, looting and pillaging? What kinds of political activists are these? Seems to be the dominant activity most such rallies end up doing … no matter which part of the country. This was demonstrated in Kolkata, and this was demonstrated in Guwahati.

Another, more important point … What makes a man so heartless? What makes a man heartless enough to beat another human being to death? Its not as though you are shooting someone … this is beating someone on and on and on … the victim could be bleeding all over, and still getting beaten. How can someone be so insensitive to a fellow human being? One part is the ethics, and the other sensitivity. The question is larger … What is making us, as a society, so intolerant? Across the world, we have less and less time … we talk more (cellphones, land lines, email, RSS feeds …), but we communicate less. I had got a mail a few days ago, and it summed it up quite well …

People are meant to be loved, and things to be used.
Today, we love things, and use people!

Shall this be the way humanity will evolve? Are we increasing the level of sophistication of our civilization, or reverting to barbarism?


2 Comments on “Whither Humanity?”

  1. alok says:

    i agree. Ur post makes to think where r v going? Read a lot abt. Guwahati in newpapers-that heinous incident involving tribal girl of class 10th…shameful…

  2. Atul says:

    the shameful part is that women more often than not become victims … this is the way cavemen were … does this mean we havent evolved as a civilization then?

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