Parallel Universes …

This is an interesting one … More and people are coming up with the idea that there are, pribably, a number of parallel universes, which are replicating each other. They are telling us, that just as I am writing this at this moment, similarly my replica (alter-ego) is also writing something on similar lines … or, just as you are reading this, your alter-ego is doing the same. The ToI ran a story on this … Wikipedia has a number of entries on parallel universes.

Not going into the Mathematics of Many World Interpretations (MWI) for the simple reason that I couldnt understand any of them … One statement caught my eye … since every possible outcome to every event defines or exists in its own history or world.

From me understanding of the English language, this sounds like this … the outcome of an event exists in the event itself. Which means that here we have scientific proof of the “reap as you sow” saying. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable about this is the assumed linear cause-effect relationship. While linear relationships gel well with the western world-view, i believe they are quite contrary to the eastern world-view … to us, the world is more a cycle, a web of things and events, rather than a straight line. I am not quite sure how this pans out, so you can expect more on this to follow …

In the meantime, interesting to note … something which was considered absurd science fiction less than a century back, is now mainstream science, with scientists talking about the possibility … Which is why I would say … Lets keep an open mind …


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