Quite a bit … havent written even once about IPL. Though, we are watching the matches daily. And today was a nailbiting finish … Delhi Daredevils beating Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rahul Dravid got it right … one big over and they would have made it. But, quite good captaincy from Virendra Sehwag, i must say. The guts to bring on his strike bowler (Glenn McGrath) in the middle of the innings … saving his over for the last … quite interesting. Apart from Gautam Gambhir’s innings (they could call him anything except Gouti, couldnt they?), Shikhar Dhawan seems to be a very good bat.

Talking about the new names, most of the established ones havent really clicked as yet. Dada (our very own Moshai …) seems to heave a sigh of relief when he gets out, the biggest name (you guessed … Tendulkar) hasnt had the chance to play, Dhoni has played a few knocks, but one expects more from him than he has done, as is also the scene with Yuvraj. The team to note … Rajasthan Royals … no big names … but, sheer captaincy, and Shane Warne is showing he can lead the team to more than a few victories.

Watch this space …


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