Continuing on Bongs …

OK … I found out the original … The post on Bongs comes from another post. Of course, there are a few things which need to be added. One that comes to mind … Daak naam! And, of course the bhaalo naam. For the uninitiated … daak naam is the name by which you are called … the nick-name (which is assuming that everyone would be calling you by this name). Which, if you were a Bong, you would dread … being called by all and sundry by a name like Phuku, or Piklu, or Kaju, or Kishmish, for that matter, or any such smattering of names, which not only have nothing to do with your name, they dont even have anything to do with any recognizable human language. The other name you would have, the bhaalo naam (good name, based on the assumption that the daak naam cannot be bhaalo … a confession?), is the name you are known to the rest of the world, who are unfortunate enough to not be in on the secret of your daak naam.

A word about the bhaalo naam, too … something i had observed, and which was corroborated by other sources, too … probably every alternate Bong child must be named as a variant of Deb (God!). So, he is either the son of God, Debkumar, or the blessings of God, Debashish, or any linguistic or spellings variant of the word … look at the way he behaves, there would be no way you would have been able to guess!

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