Of Blogging …

You know blogging has arrived when a leading television channel runs a show about blogging. Or about anything, for that matter. This is what i am seeing in India … NDTV is running a program about blogging … This is on We The People.

The basic essence of the discussion on blogging is related to the possibility of abuse of blogs. As such, the discussion is centred around the idea of monitoring blogs. Its interesting to note the aspects of blogging that have come up …

  • complicated way of getting recognized and reaching out to people in an increasingly lonely world
  • the idea of blocking users
  • credibility of the blogger
  • revival of writing

Interesting debate … One of the speakers talked about the way blogging is connecting people. Otherwise, the basic topic of the debate relates to the possible abuse of blogs. What seems to be missing from the debate … The fact that the kind of abuse being talked about (maligning people, spreading rumours …) was quite possible even before blogs. It was there in the era of “web 1.0”, and hey … surprise, surprise … it was there even before that. And, with blogs, users themselves show their interest in a particular blog by reading it, by adding it to their feed reader. So, i would guess the quality of blogs would emerge democratically … in a way that the good ones, the ones which are adding value to users, and hence to society, would emerge, while a lot of others would fall by the way.

What i find a little disconcerting … the voice talking about blogs connecting people seems to be a minority. More so, nobody on the panel talked about the potential of blogs for learning. Today, for example, i am able to read the thoughts of so many brilliant people … Andrew (McAfee and Gent), Luis Suarez, Dave Snowden, Dion Hinchcliffe, Stan Garfield, and host of similarly brilliant folks … hey, till a few years back, this couldnt even be imagined. As such, i would think that blogs are a tool, and just like any other tool, they are as good as their usage. Over a period of time, we would come to terms with blogs as tools for much more than the way we see them today … as the conversation matures?

Afterthought … none in the program ever looked at the sponsors. If they had, they would have realized that one of the sponsors is an organization which has been able to leverage blogs massively .. IBM.


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