Corporate Training

I came across an interesting post by Jenna Sweeney about Financial Squeeze on Training Departments. Interesting read … Especially the part where she goes on to mention that …

That a lot of time and resources (MONEY) is being spent on things that don’t teach anybody anything!

Interesting, this … in a scenario where the training folks have to do more with less, where the requirement for delivering on diverse trainings is much higher, given the diverse nature of the work that is done by different folks, and the kind of specialization that is required in today’s working life.

I had raised something similar in a presentation i had made some time back to a gathering of training practitioners … what i like to call the “long tail of training”! OK OK … so, i have already written a post about the “long tail” of KM, and now this … sort of fancy the term you could say … makes me seem smarter than i actually am! 🙂

One of the thoughts was about the increasing diversity of technology that people need to be trained on, more and more of a geographically dispersed workforce (not so much of an issue today, considering the advance of virtual worlds … something i have written about) which needs to be trained, and an almost total lack of post-training engagement. This last one is about making sure folks attending a training are engaged with the topic over a period of time, so as to make sure they dont lose all of the things they learnt in class (which is something most folks lose within a fortnight of attending a training, unless they keep in touch!). One way to address this is to bring in some of the ideas which can be harnessed from the web 2.0 domain (hey … is this actually a separate domain? i dont think so, but read this somewhere, so …) to bring about greater engagement with students, post-training …

I will share this presentation once i upload this on slideshare (tried in vain to find out how to upload a ppt here on blogger!).

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