Training Scenario …

Like i had mentioned earlier … i had made a presentation to folks from the education/training industry. In this, i had tried to bring out my thoughts on the training scenario, at least what i have seen in India. I am not sure how different this is from other parts of the world, though i wouldnt think it would be much different.

The presentation can be found here (tried to work out how to embed the ppt here, but not much success … maybe i am just too sleepy!).

Looking forward to how many folks out there agree or disagree with my views! Cheers …


2 Comments on “Training Scenario …”

  1. Prakash says:

    Nice presentation Atul. Brings out many of the common fallacies and pitfalls. May I add the following :– Attending/conducting training to meet appraisal objectives! – Training misaligned to corporate objectives.

  2. Atul says:

    thanks, Prakash. i would quite agree with you, in that training is just a check-box … you have a target of so many days of training, and during the appraisal, its just quantitative, not qualitative.

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