Construction …

Just a thought … There is the construction boom. If you have been to Gurgaon, you would see the amount of new construction activity which is happening here. This is a very nice sign. It is a sure indicator of the growth of the city, and reflects on the amount of value that is being generated. This is a wonderful thing. Only concern i see here … Why are we not having higher and higher buildings being constructed?

I am not just talking about Gurgaon here, but in all parts of the country. What is happening is that we are constructing buildings which are short. As a result, more and more land has to be brought under construction, in order to accommodate the same set of people, or to build the same number of housing units, or the same number of office blocks. While this by itself may not be an issue, this has the potential of snowballing into a situation where more and more of agricultural land is taken up for construction purposes. This is already happening in parts of the country, from what i understand from my interactions with people from different parts of the country, and this is not a nice thing to be happening, considering that if we keep going this way, we would end up having major food shortfall in the coming years.

All comments invited …

2 Comments on “Construction …”

  1. debbie says:

    In fact Mumbai has done the tallest Kaun funda, but that needs strong foundation, otherwise the collapse will be enourmous

  2. Atul says:

    hey Debbie … this makes me wonder … are we incapable of such simple feats of engineering? i am sure we are not, which means the issue lies somewhere else, dont you think?

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