Lest We Forget …

There is a conflagration up in Jammu and Kashmir … there was a news piece about the commemoration of the first anniversary of the siege of Lal Masjid. The siege had resulted in armed clashes between security forces, and gunmen operating from the Mosque.

Raises a question … a disturbing one. Is this the direction humanity is condemned to walk in? Is this what we shall have as our future? As the world and life we give to our children? It is true … public memory is short … Its been 60 years … more than lifetimes in public memory? True … in large part, we see the event through the mists of time. But, something we need to remember … It was worth millions of human lives … worth uncountable drops of blood, and tears.

They called it Partition. And, maybe no other generation can feel the pain of the partition, as much as the children of midnight, the people who lived through it, losing their all … that was perhaps a political necessity … and losing scores of their loved ones. The scariest part … it was not some distant armed force which caused this … that it was ones own people, their friends, neighbours, people they met on a daily basis, the flower vendor, the ice-candy man, who wreaked this havoc. Maybe this is a lesson we should never forget. So we are, at least, not condemned to repeat some of the greatest follies of humanity. Please see these pictures! They tell the entire story of Partition … in a way no words can.

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