Marriage … Forever!

There are a few who believe that the marriage of institution has changed … that it has evolved over a period of time, along with the evolution of the human species. To all of them, i would say … i disagree. Well … the basic concept of marriage has been incorporated into a picture (whoever said a picture speaks louder than a thousand words … and i did google to try to find who uttered these words, but failed … really knew his Beans from his Bacon!) … this picture speaks more than a whole lot of words. Speaks for the lifetimes of generations of married men? I would think it does.

In case you were wondering what this picture is …

Interesting picture … though, it begins even more interesting if you try to analyze it. For, there are a number of very interesting things which come out of this picture!

To begin with … lets analyze this picture from the dimension of time … the actions of the harried man would have totally different meanings depending on the presence or absence of a little strip of metal around his finger …

Before marriage … This is the usual male way of pleading with the woman to make his life full (poor fellow, he is not yet married, so how is he to know that a life thats full is also a life thats finished!). He will go to the extent of giving her his credit card, for her to spend as she wishes, if she will just rule his heart. From the vantage point of his heart, she could swipe and swipe, till the card melts, for all he cares … plastic is renewable, love isnt, after all. Of course, the view from where he is doesnt hurt either! For centuries, men have left no stone unturned to please their mate. Actually, they probably had no choice. And fuelling this fire is the picture of the Taj Mahal with the caption …

And to think, today’s men get away by gifting flowers and chocolates to their wives!

This must have been designed by a geriatric, well beyond the “have to gift” stage, only to egg on their daughters to a new stage of marital bliss.

After marriage … well … he seems to be saying just one thing … Please take this credit card … i implore you … take this credit card, and spend all you wish, my dear … but please … oh please … spare me! After all, plastic is renewable, but life isnt!


3 Comments on “Marriage … Forever!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When men are happy in life, they have a tendency to ruin it. They do things like getting married! I dont have a problem in them getting married, as long as they dont blog about it in such a way that it seems they were almost forced to get into the institution of marriage – almost on gun point!

    And I am yet to come across a husband actually giving his credit card to his wife to swipe, with the belief that plastic is renewable, but love is not! Really!!! Well, if such a husband is available around, am surely jealous of his wife!

  2. Atul says:

    no no … guys dont get married at gunpoint … because they dont know better! 🙂

    and, again, husbands dont give their pieces of plastic to their wives, because by the time they become husbands, they know better. and then, reality strikes! 😀

  3. debbie says:

    I want to know which great brain devised the fact the a marriage ruins or harries only the man!!!.. Its true also for the women and wives… and if its such pain why do they marry at all…

    Let they and their cards live in peace without a women to get involved

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