My Patch Of Sky …

They say the night sky is not the same in all directions … but, the day sky can be said to be. Standing yesterday, in the courtyard in our ancestral house, i couldnt agree. This patch of sky was different … it was mine, one that i had gazed at for years, and years altogether. This patch of sky had seen me toddle, had seen me grow, had seen my joy at the simple pleasures of life, and had seen my tantrums of teenage. This patch of sky had seen it all. This patch saw me going to school … it saw me have those crushes, and coming out of them. It saw me graduate to college, turning into a man. This patch of sky has seen it all.

Right under this patch of sky, is the courtyard of cricket … the little courtyard where cricket was played as children. And yesterday, we played again. When my son, me, and my father decided on a game of cricket … And, one thing i can say … that is, its not half as much fun playing cricket when theres no scene of any windowpanes being broken. Or, the possibility of hitting a six (read, hitting the ball on a terrace, from where its quite impossible to retrieve it). In fact, hitting it on the neighbour’s terrace was out, and breaking a windowpane was a 6. Interesting rules, indeed …

Right next to this is the corridor, leading to the attic of memories. This is the attic where i used to spend quite a bit of time. The room where i used to settle down to study, where i used to think about those crushes … where we used to play all sorts of games, from Ludo (actually, starting from Snakes and Ladders), to Chess, and Carrom … this is the room which i have inhabited for more than a decade. And, there is a part of me in this room. A part of me which probably hasnt grown up. And, a part of me, which the room beckons. For, this room, which is an attic, sits in an important place, in the attic of memories.

Then, there was the trip to the book bazaar … something which is the envy of all who know about it. This is a veritable goldmine of books … and, you get them cheap here. OK, so they are used books, but hey … that doesnt matter. From 17th Century Irish Divorce Law, to Midwifery, to pulp fiction nobody has ever heard of … this bazaar packs something incredible. Though, of course, a trip to the bazaar cannot be without a little detour (around 10 metres) to Pindi … The shop that makes the best Chholle Bhature in the world. I am sure they dont make them as good in Rawalpindi, too!

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