Education Tales …

Sitarampur (and i am impressed when i find an entry for the town in wikipedia) is a town in the coal belt of West Bengal, in the Asansol sub-division of Bardhaman (Borddhomaan, if you are a purist). Last night, there was a story run on one of the news channels (it was either NDTV, or CNN-IBN) …

There is a school in Sitarampur. You can read about this school in this article. What is most interesting is the attitude of the powers that be. Delays are understandable. By all means, there are delays in the best executed of projects, no doubt. But, 44 years? Makes the mind boggle. What is also so interesting about the entire episode is the fact that the powers that be dont really care whether the money is actually being put to good use or not. As one can make out, in this example, it is not.

Another story which came out in the paper today … Nirjharani Chakraborty … this, a story of human grit and perseverance. Of a person who decides that she has much more to attain than has been hers till now. And, has the courage to reach out, and achieve. This is a story both touching and encouraging.


2 Comments on “Education Tales …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well India is indeed shinning! So, what if we dont have electricity, we have computers in schools of Sitarampur! Wow!!!

    The other incident is very touching and inspiring, and the contrast you have shown in our Education system is worth mentioning. This is life I guess, we get both good things as well as bad to refer to – and its entirely on us to decide which ones to focus on…

  2. Atul says:

    absolutely … the teachers who made sure the little girl could continue her studies, to the point where she is today Principal of a school, deserve a lot more of our felicitations than they have received.

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