Mainland China, Kolkata …

Dinner at Mainland China at Kolkata … And though I haven’t been to their establishments in other cities (given a choice i much prefer Daal Makhani!) here in Kolkata, the restaurant is not really shining in the service. The gent serving our table was quite good … He actually advised us against ordering the larger portion. Which is quite pleasant I must say …

The issue … The time it took to get the Soup. If you order Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup …and this is basic, and it takes half an hour and then some more for Crispy Chilly Babycorn, they need to do something about it I guess. Though they needed to be reminded to clear the plates, refilling the glasses … Its only Water, guys!

Coming to the core of the matter … The food still has it. Whether the Soup or the Babycorn, they were both delicious. And then the long wait for the main course … in keeping with the starters, the main course didn’t disappoint, in the time it took them to come to the table … though the Crackling Spinach, the Sitake Mushroom Golden Onion Fried Rice, the Prawn Hakka Noodles, and the Sizzling Fish Green Onion were every bit as delicious as they have ever been, and as good as anywhere else you might go out to eat.

And, they even gave us complimentary Ice-Cream (to make up for the wait?), though the ice-cream bowls had some strange green colouration, which were told was Khus syrup … it seems they use Khus syrup at the bar, but then, what were Ice-Cream bowls doing there, even though the flavour was Butterscotch …


3 Comments on “Mainland China, Kolkata …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont know about the service part, since I have always had buffet whenever I have been there, but the food they serve is awesome! But then, I presume so would be the same anywhere else in India where they have their outlet – but the service part?! Well, am not sure of that tho.Hope they provide better service elsewhere so that people enjoy their food more.

  2. Atul says:

    yes, the food really is nice. you must try the Crackling Spnach … wonderful!

  3. debbie says:

    Frankly Atul I am quite surprised to hear that you had such appalling service at Mainland China.. I have fond memories of the place in terms of food/ service and have felt really coming back again and again… dont know what went wrong with your turn of eating out there

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