Reducing …

No, i am not just talking about reducing weight (which, by the way, is something i am quite keen on, these days …)! What i am talking about is reducing the number of blogs i write … from 2 to 1.

Two reasons … first, the time factor … no, not that theres scarcity of time, just that as i grow older, i need to think more to write less … and hence! Though, the major reason … Why i had started writing 2 blogs, was on the idea that the work life, and personal space are mutually exclusive, and that anyone who is interested in reading about my work life would not at all be interested in reading about my thoughts on subjects not related to work. While this might be a valid idea (of course, you would need to tell me), the fact is that one cannot actually understand what the other person is saying unless one actually knows the context of what they are talking about, where they are coming from, and where they are going. And hence …

My older posts from the blog can be found here.

This was also, to an extent, catalyzed by this post by Luis about doing what works for you. No, not necessarily what he had in mind, but the idea is that i think writing one blog is something which is somewhat of a better idea. Somewhat the same reason as to why about the only social network i can be found at is facebook. And, of late, at twitter … An old mule … i still refuse to try out the rest. Maybe soon, though …


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