Wonderful Verse …

I came across this wonderful verse … written by the celebrated poet … Bulle Shah … these lines seem to bring out the essence of humanity … something which we need to understand, and once we do that, remember … after all, we have all been through a lot … and there are lessons we should have learnt, but dont seem to have … the chapters are fearsome, to say the least!

These lines bring out the essence of humanity, the way we can live life …

Ishq di navin-o-navin bahaar,
Ved Quranan parh parh thakkay,
Sajde kardeyaan ghis gaye matthe,
Na Rabb Teerath, na Rabb Makkay,
Jis paayaa tis noor anwar,
Ishq di navin-o-navin bahaar!

or …

Fresh and new is the breeze of love,
People have grown tired of reading the Veds and the Quran,
Foreheads have gotten worn-out by rubbing them on the ground in Prayer,
God is there neither in the Hindu Pilgrimege, nor at Mecca,
One who had found love, his light is the most powerful!

A powerful message … one we cannot, and indeed, for the sake of our future, and that of our children, we must not ignore!

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