The Weekend …

Between Lunch at the new Italian restaurant in the neighbourhood, and watching a movie … something i just had to write about.

Lunch was at this new restaurant here in Gurgaon … this is named 56, but i am not sure where the name comes from. And i even forgot to ask them where the name (or maybe the number) came from. Well, the Mushroom Soup reminded me of the Chicken Stew which the wife used to feed the big fella (before he was old enough to protest, of course), the Pasta was nothing much to write home about, though the Seafood was quite delicious! The place seems like they decided to put a roof on the passage between two buildings, though the end result seems to be quite nice … but they sure charge you a bomb.

Coming to the movie … as sequels go, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor doesnt come close to the originals … The Mummy, The Mummy Returns … Though the effects are awesome, i was still missing the original. The rule of the sequels again?

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