Goa … In Gurgaon, And Other Food Stuff …

There is a cute little restaurant in the heart of Gurgaon … Bernardo’s … serving reasonably good Goanese food. In fact, for some reason, this time round the food was better than what it has been at other times. We ordered the Roast Prawns, which were nice, and then there were the Fish Croquettes, which though not well done, were delicious, nevertheless … not friend well, though this was made up for by the fresh Fish.

Top that with the Pomfret (they had some kind of Green Masala stuffing the fish), fried, with the Masala stuffing, it is excellent … could actually chew off the tail, too … and the Prawns cooked in Goan Curry, exuding the delicate flavours of the delicate land … definitely something which is worth a try, or two … it makes for a wonderful meal, and the important thing to note is the almost homely ambience, and a price tag, which doesnt make you blink twice when you see the bill.

And then, there is the program on Times NOW called The Foodie, hosted by Kunal. The interesting thing about the program is the variety of food they explore. Yesterday, they were at the Taj Palace, and at the Shangri-La, at Delhi, and there was a wide variety of cooking on sample. What came as a surprise is that the restaurant at the Taj actually serves Phulkas (unless they made it especially for the Foodie team … havent seen too many restaurants do that, actually!). What also surprises me is that there is not a negative word about any of the food which is sampled.


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