Drawing Parallels …

I, for one, like to draw parallels between the things we see in day to day life, and some of the concepts which we wax eloquent about at work, in blogs, management schools, etc. As you can see, how i used to teach min-max planning and the sawtooth curve during training sessions. I find such parallels clarify the thinking, and the most important thing they achieve is to build a relationship between the new concept you are learning, and the concepts which you are already carrying in your head.

Which is why i found this blog quite interesting … my good friend and colleague, Subash, has drawn a parallel between … hold your breath … the ubiquitous Masala Dosa, and Knowledge Management … and too, between driving a motorcycle … something i have been doing whenever i am giving a talk about KM … focussing on the tacit knowledge piece … about how difficult it is to document the amount of salt you want to put in the curry!

Though, i would add … i am not sure how many folks would actually be able to make the Masala Dosa, reading the manual straight away. Not many, probably … which is where the learning part comes in … the learning by doing!


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