Central Repository …

My friend Nirmala has commented on my post about whether an organization should jump straight to “KM 2.0”. And she makes an important point …

A common repository means common taxonomy…a common way of identifying and locating artifacts. A common repository means a visually rich big picture that tells you about all sorts of possibilities….not one that is carved out of a narrow search term!!

I think she has got it bang on. Today, there are tools which can enable you to share documents right off your hard-disk. Create a document, put it into a shared folder, and there you are … others can find the documents right from there. Contrast this with a common repository … Create a document, save it on your hard-disk, and then upload it onto a repository. And, you dont even know what half those taxonomies mean. This being the key. And, this is where a repository plays an important role … that of getting people thinking about how others think, getting people thinking in terms of a common terminology, giving some form of uniformity (its nice, at times … remember McDonald’s … the same taste wherever you go). You got it … how could i not write about food?


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