Some Thoughts …

They say that when people are low, they can be cheered up by two things … humour, and sex. For the latter, this is not the right place to look (hey, i am sure you already know where to look …), and as far as the former goes, here’s a glossary of some of the terms from everyday use, redefined by the current financial crisis … not original, though …

CEO: Chief Embezzlement Officer

CFO: Corporate Fraud Officer

Bull Market: A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius

Broker: What the broker made you

Standard and Poor: Your life, in a nutshell

Stock Analyst: The idiot who downgraded your stock

Yahoo: The exclamation when you sell it at $240

Windows: What the sucker who bought it at $240 jumps out of

Institutional Investor: Last year’s investor who’s now either in the nuthouse, or busy expatriating funds from India (a nut, any which ways)

Profit: An archaic word no longer in use

On a rather less humorous note … something which i havent been able to figure out … not rationally, at the least … why is it that when the Dow Jones drops by 1%, the Sensex (with or without the Saas and Bahu), drops by 10%? Whats the amplifying all about? How is it that the fundamentals of companies have changed overnight, so much so, that a lot of companies lost 75% of their market capitalization? Or is it just that everyone is going by what their neighbour (and his uncle) is doing?

ToI ran an article today, about Hapur investors making hay in the market mayhem … a must-read for anybody who thinks he’s smarter that his neighbour (or his uncle). This very nice article goes to show that Hapur knows much more about Finance than Wall Street does … and, another thing … that common-sense makes more sense than most of the smartest folks around. Way to go …


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