Bangalore’s Ceasar’s …

When you go to Bangalore next … tucked away on M. G. Road (and i say tucked away, because if you drive too fast, which, by the way, isnt possible on M. G. Road … never was, but with the Metro rail making its presence felt, even more so …), is a restaurant which goes by the name of Caesar’s. You can even find it listed at burrp, but surprisingly, nobody has reviewed the place yet.
Surprising because this is a place, which, while being easy to miss, shouldnt be. Quite unassuming from the outside, and if you didnt know any better, you might not even think too much about going there … but, step in you must. Caesar’s has been around for quite some time now … the decor and the elegance tells you that. You go through an old-fashioned, elegant entrance to the dining area, which itself is well appointed. Not something which is quite contemporary … not too many straight lines, and sharp edges … the decor is rounded, and doesnt jar. Add to this a well-appointed bar, and you have all the makings of a place which is quite plush, though admittedly one which has seen days when it was far more visited.

Coming to the food … the variety here is quite interesting. But, something about the signature of a restaurant tells you what kind of food you should order here. And, i was going for something top of mind … there were Fried Prawns, Grilled Fish Sizzler, and the Fish and Chips. The Prawns were nice, though not among the most delectable. The Sizzler is nice, too, not disguising the delicacy of the Fish too much, leaving it grilled well, while keeping it quite tender, and the Vegetables are ok. The most recommendable dish here is the Fish and Chips. The Chips are crisp, and so is the Fish. Done just right, the Fish is not too hard, and not too soft, and cooked in a way that leaves the flavour of the Fish intact. Having eaten Fish and Chips at quite a few places, i must recommend this.

2 Comments on “Bangalore’s Ceasar’s …”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good to see a post on Caesar’s. Its one of my fav food joint in Bangalore as well. And I think their preparation is just too good – I prefered grilled fish to fish n chips – Fish n Chips in blore somehow reminds me of Koshy’s – not for the fish but for the sauce they provide alongwith 🙂

  2. Atul says:

    Koshy’s probably is not what they used to be? though the Kerala Fish Curry and Rice is wonderful

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