About Driving …

Sunday morning … plenty to write about feminine automotive sensibilities … brought to mind something i had written earlier …

If you have driven in Kolkata, or Mumbai, you would know how much of a nightmare it can be. Well, Gurgaon is well on its way to becoming a world city, and hence … Can Gurgaon be far behind? Just today … there was a lady, driving a SUV … no, i have no problems with that. Never … wouldnt even think about it. Just that she was driving while having an Apple, and trying to call up someone on her mobile. Now, this surely is a juggling act highly difficult to emulate, and i would hope not many folks try to do that, either. At least, not the eating … its always much more wonderful eating in peace, dont you think? Now, this is not to say that this is the preserve of women, but being the MCP that i am (ya, ya, i heard you say this earlier …), i just had to write this! No, no … i dont hate women. In fact, much the opposite … tongue in cheek … its just their driving skills i am worried about.

Like today, for instance. I was trying to be a good boy … here was a girl, driving a green Santro (a la Jatayu? … from Feluda, remember … yes, he has moved from Ambassador to Santro). As the usual rule, i give them side of way. Like a nice guy, i stopped the car on the side of the road, so as to let her pass. And, whats the next thing that happens? She is seen hurling abuses at me … cigarette smoke bellowing, along with those words! No, i didnt hear it, thanks to my windows being rolled up, and Junoon playing in the car.

Moral of the story? Dont give right of way! Thats what everybody seems to be doing, anyway. Actually, this is not such a big deal. The issue, i feel, is the way we are becoming more and more narrow-minded. Take this post, for instance. An incident like this probably wouldnt have got me writing about it, but i guess i am also part of the larger human society, and hence, prone the same level of intolerance as the rest of us. Whether it is religion, or region, or for that matter, any parameter which divides man from man … today, more than ever before, probably, it is successful in dividing man from man. Tempers are growing shorter as the bank-balances of people are becoming longer. Today, there is far more affluence than there has ever been, and yet, there is also far more anger. There is far more frustration.

Having said this, i feel this is part of a cycle of human existence. From a state where tolerance levels were high, people were content with what they had, and happiness measures were higher, society seems to be moving to a state of high intolerance. The good news is, this cannot persist. The cycle must move, so i believe, which means, this intolerance must make way for a world order of greater trust, love, happiness, and tolerance.

Well … now that i have raved on and on, heres the other side of the story …

On the subject of Gurgaon … i think Gurgaon is growing up, and quick. The other day, i was out buying Beer (yes, this was before my Diet, for the record …). Two girls came in (i would call them girls, given the grey hair in my goatee, and the fact that they looked much, much younger) … They asked for strong Beer. Now, thats cool … Girls can drink anything they want to … What i would like to write about here is that the shopkeeper didnt bat an eyelid. The usual glances, head to toe, sizing them up … they were just not there! And, this, to my mind, is a sign of a city where the boys are finally growing up!


5 Comments on “About Driving …”

  1. Subash says:

    3 cheers to ladies of Gurgaon… Wonder when will chennai girls upgrade to that level

  2. Anjali says:

    LOL. But the goatee is now gone so chances are others will find you younger! Yes I think with affluence and new money has come in a lot of freedom of choice that is tolerated by most. Whether drinking, smoking, living in etc.This Mumbai girl survived in the midst of all of it. May be I don’t bat an eye when I see others indulging but I am still not able to let loose the control I have over my mind and cannot imagine using a substance to do it.My idols are all those celebrity that make money making people crazy but don’t touch any substance as it affects their health and skin like Jennifer Lopez, Tom cruise, Aishwarya Rai etc. Their looks are their business and making others think its Kewl to behave like you described is also their business.Hee…..hee..and I know how you guys look at lady drivers. Moi got the confidence just recently with a brand new driving license.

  3. Nimmy says:

    :-)) LoL.I know you wont particularly like this….but I wait for the day when I can be so comfortable at the steering wheel. For now, all my hands (only two I guess) are busy gripping the SW like it’s all I’ve got on earth. About life coming a full circle….how much I dream about going off to my village and just thinking n reading n being with mother nature. being silent. not getting angry about anything. i am a culprit too. the temper is somewhat air borne many a time. but, yeah…times are a changing…hope it reaches the tipping point sooner than expected…some people though are talking about the world coming to an end and starting anew rather than evolving backward…!!

  4. Atul says:

    one concept which, to my mind, is flawed, is that of time as a linear dimension. what if we look at events occurring in a cyclical time? what looks like the end of the world, could look as the renewal. 🙂 i had read somewhere …Time is a mathematical construct to explain the causal relationships between events.Profound …

  5. Mark says:

    In an expanding universe, time moves forward, i.e. from start of the universe till end of time. Once the universe starts shrinking, time will movve backward, meaning one will be old first and then young. Stephen Hawking mentioned this in ‘A Brief History of Time’, there’s also a nice video on this showing broken cup on the ground, joining up and becoming whole again. I think Atul you might have been referring to this, hee hee 🙂

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