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There is a rather interesting post by Nick Milton about the value of dialogue in KM. Nick makes a very important point about the non-clarity of the knowledge available with “suppliers”, and the knowledge required by “customers”. This is so because, by definition, we cannot articulate everything. And this makes conversations very important. And with conversations, i am not just talking about people talking face-to-face, but conversation as a generic presence within organizations.

Another aspect which i wanted to bring out here is that the value of conversations also comes from the fact that conversations bring out a shared context which is important for knowledge-sharing to happen. While i believe that with knowledge-sharing within the organizational context, the organization plays an important role in creating a shared context, within this larger picture, between the supplier and customer, there must be a shared understanding of what is being shared. This becomes even more important the more diverse the supplier and customer in terms of their background, whether geographic, work area, experience, etc., because the more diverse they are, the more important conversation becomes a way to bridge this contextual gap.

Lets take another step further. If we look at the KM scenario today, we find that content management is something which is already a given. Its not as though organizations are starting to implement content management. Rather, the concept of content management is already matured, with organizations already having a good understanding of what it is about, and what it entails, and the benefits they could expect from it. On the other hand, collaboration, rather, conversation, is something which is emerging as a concept in organizations. Which means that CKO’s probably need to look more closely at this aspect of KM. Maybe we need, in addition to CKO, someone as CCO … Chief Conversation Officer?

3 Comments on “Conversations …”

  1. Nick Milton says:

    Thanks for the reference – good comments!

  2. Atul says:

    Thanks, Nick. 🙂

  3. […] agree that this is where the important part of KM would be in the future, then some of the thoughts here (which i had written, commenting on some thoughts from Nick Milton) might be worth looking at, too. […]

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