Involved with Life

A colleague gave me a very nice book to read … Bong on the Door, by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. One of the things Sri Sri talks about is how we are involved in life. We are living life, and totally absorbed in it. He gives a very nice example, which i remembered, too. Some time back, there was a match, where Pakistan were playing Bangladesh (was it world cup? i dont remember). As it turned out, Bangladesh defeated Pakistan, and the next day, the newspapers were talking about some people who smashed their television sets, being upset by the outcome of the match.

Can we liken life to the match? Is it also that in life, we end up competing with other, for something or the other? Even at the basic level, we end up competing with others at the level of ideas, if not at any more physical level. And maybe, the most important level is this level. Why does the physical level matter so much? After all, everything comes from the world of ideas. Unless ideas are there, nothing can be created. Or modified. But, the question is more basic … to what extent are we involved with the play of the world? Shall we continue to be bewildered about the things which we are doing to ourselves? Ok, so no one is doing anything to himself or herself. But, as humanity, we are doing things to ourselves, arent we? And this is probably a far more important aspect to be aware of. If i am being nice to someone else, i am basically being nice to myself.

Each of us is thinking only about ourselves. Agreed, this is human nature, or so it seems. Because, if it really were human nature, we wouldnt have found Mother Teresa. We wouldnt have found so many wonderful people, who are making a difference to someone. One could say that people do this because it makes them feel nice. That is one level, but then there is another level, too. That is the level where we can identify with the other person, and hence, feel the need to stand by the other person. This is the next, more beautiful level. I understand this. But, can i reach there? This is where the trick is. Its not easy to reach the other level. Would i say i have reached there? No. Do i want to try? Yes. Because there is a level where we can get in touch the real self. Where i can get in touch with the real me. Is it easy? No. But, we must start walking, because it is at this level that we can really identify who we are, and so, identify the true relation we have with the world. Which is one of oneness.

What is oneness? We can see it in a number of things people do. I remember seeing an ad, i think, about football (dont remember what the ad was about, only that it was about football) which showed, in one scene after another, people cheering the football match. It started with China (somewhere far-east), went on to Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America … and there was one thing which was strikingly similar, no matter which part of the world you looked at. It was the look on the faces of the people as they cheered their team. It reflected something which seemed to be unversal … something which was the same no matter which part of the world you came from.

Another thing i think … the way a Mother or a Father think about their children, the way they feel for them, is the same no matter which part of the world you go to. Mothers around the world think that no girl is good enough for their boy, and Fathers around the world think that no boy is good enough for his little girl. And the boy or girl remain little, even when they have boys and girls of their own. This again is universal.

This tells us something simple … that human feelings are universal, and this universality is an indication of the kinship of man, no matter how we may try to divide man into any number of categories. For, these categories are man-made, and must dissolve over time, while those which are made by God are permanent … only, there are none.


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