Twenty Years

This could also have been titled Bees Saal Baad … Twenty years from a time, a time which almost seems magical. The year 1989 was a year of change, tremendous change. Change at a number of levels. I say that from the memories i have of the year, and these are personal, and global. Of global events, that is.

That was the time when change was in the air. The Soviet Union had disitegrated. This alone had led to a sense of change, and the world was looking forward to the dismantling of the cold-war machinery, and hoping for an era of global friendship, and peace. That this didnt exactly happen, the contours of global peace, or of global strife definitely changed. As did the political order of the day, in the wake of the Soviet Union giving way to a number of republics, and Russia facing uncertainty, both political or economic. The global order changed, and it hasnt been quite the same since. Another event which was celebrated today, was the collapse of the Berlin Wall, bringing together West and East Germany and creating a wave of change from an event which brought hope, dreams, and aspirations, to a world which was looking for them, and hasnt looking since. Though, it must be said that the new world order has fulfilled many of these, and yet, has held out hope which hasnt been fulfilled for a large number of people the world over. Whether you agree with my thoughts or not, you cannot say that 1989 was not a year of monumental change. As monumental as the unleashing of the Tiger and the Dragon. And these represent the aspirations of one-third of humanity.

The year 1989 was also a year of personal change for me. This was the year when i left school, and joined college. This was the year when i left home, and moved from the conventional day-scholar environment of school in Delhi, to the hostel of college in Varanasi. Two very different lives you would say, i suppose? They quite are, and this change, at a personal level, was probably equally momentous for a host of my friends. Practically all of us go through this change, i am only writing about the change which, at the personal level, was quite monumental.

And there is a song which quite summed up the mood of the moment, of the hopes, the dreams of a world looking forward to enduring peace, song which even today brings to the mind the wind of change, change which generation after generation looks forward to, the dreams and aspirations which they look forward to. As the song says

Future’s in the air, can feel it everywhere,

It’s blowing with the wind of change!

Do you feel this is true today as well?


One Comment on “Twenty Years”

  1. K N Mishra says:

    Dear Atul;

    U r right to say that the year 1989 was a year of monumental change at macro level as well as micro level for us.I would like to add further that in the Indian politics an era of coailation politics also started in 1989 which is still going on. When (twenty years ago) we used to watch movies like Bees Saal Baad, it was hardly believable that 20 years have passed so early. But, now after 20 years in 2009 , we ourselve find that it is just the story of some days ago and now we can realise that what tremendous is the speed of time , even it seems to more than that of light.

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