Compassionate World

In a world where we are all fighting with each other, we sometimes dont find the time to look at the other person as an image of ourselves. While we do that in a way which is not exactly wonderful, by projecting our own likes and dislikes on others and so trying to look at others as ourselves, we dont usually try to feel what others are feeling. What is more sad is that this is done at time in the name of religion.

Karen Armstrong will unveil the Charter of Compassion today. Maybe its also a sign of the times that unless you go to the inner pages of the newspaper you dont get to know about it. Or maybe a lot of us would like to feel more of this in the world but just dont know where to look or where to start? Maybe … I read about this in the Times of India today. But this is not what i am thinking about. Rather, there is something which Karen says in the article which stirs thoughts. To quote:

It repeatedly struck me as sad that, despite this marvelous ideology, which should be of such benefit to our polarized world, religion is often seen as part of the problem, and secondary goals, such as doctrinal orthodoxy, often get more attention.

And this is the sad part. Religion by itself cannot be the reason for strife. After all, we all worship the One God. After all, we are all human beings trying to live life the best we can. OK, so each of us has different ways of looking at good life. Some look at life for money, some for fame, for love, for power, or for peace or spiritual attainment. Even though we look at life with glasses of different colours, we are eventually all trying to live life the best we can, given the anguish around us. But can this anguish be made by anyone except man? Lets think about this clearly. If we are all trying to live life the best we can, then we all have the same goal. Only thing, we all assume that we have different goals because we are wearing different coloured glasses. Which means that soul-searching must be done in the way we interpret religion, the word of God, and not with the word itself. For, the word would be the same no matter which part of the world you come from, or which religion you profess to.

Not that i look at life as a goal. Life, to me, is a journey, rather than a goal. For, if there is to be a goal, then the goal, the destination, is the same for all. There was a wonderful movie i saw, where folks like Mater, Sally, Luigi give us a wonderful lesson. That life is about the journey, rather than about getting somewhere. True, in this journey, we get to see places, but those are part of the journey, and the journey is much larger than the places we get to see. And if we can realize this (this is not to say that i have completely, but its a try), we can realize that its folly to make a house on this bridge, and this could bring us the realization that we just walk on the bridge without trying to believe that the bridge is ours. And once we can realize this, we can see everyone as fellow-travellers, and as fellow-travellers we can understand what others are feeling, and build a connect with them. Where is the place for hatred in this?


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