About Life

Few months back, we had gone on holiday to one of the most charming places in the world. A place where the beauty of the hills and the woods, what Mother Nature has bestowed being tremendously enhanced by the holy presence of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. I am not writing this with any kind of political overtones. So please dispel any political notions that you might be having. Anyway the reason i am writing this is not the vacation (though long walks in the woods after a hearty breakfast are very nice). I am writing this because the book i am reading these days is one i bought there. This is a book titled Peaceful Death, Joyful Rebirth by Tulku Thondup. 

Now a lot of us find death to be a macabre subject. But if you look at it closely, death is a reality. And its not something that we dont know. We know the inevitability. And yet we are somehow not ready to accept it. But thats also not what i am writing about. The learned author writes about something the Buddha said: 

Whatever is accumulated will end up exhausted,

Whatever has arisen will end by falling down,

Whoever meets will end up separating,

Whoever lives will end up in death,

Since life ends in death,

All sentient beings will die. 

Profound! The fact that all sentient beings will die. If all living creatures must die, if the universe must collapse into non-existence, if everything must go, then emotions must go, too. And to add to that, and this is wonderful, all the negative things we indulge in, moods, anger, fear, greed, lust and the things we do either for them or because of them must also go. I find this wonderful because all of these things carry an environment with them which prevents us from achieving all the goodness we are capable of. They lead us to a place where a negative spiral could drag us into a pit of undue misery. 

If we can realize that these negative tendencies are merely temporary ideas, thoughts that we are thinking and hence realize that we ourselves, through our thoughts, are the creators of these environments of misery, we would have gone a long way in finding out the source of misery … Ourselves. Add to this the realization that even this misery must go even if we may be attached to it (yes thats a bit hard to accept but fact is most of us over time get used to it and gradually come to accept it as a part of life from where its a small step towards liking them) and we know two  important things. One is that misery must go and another is that since we ourselves have created it we also have the power of destroying it which is an altogether nice thing because it would be destroyed anyway, and besides, this is something which is robbing us of our goodness, something God wouldnt want, you would agree? 

This also means that the good must also come to an end, but that is something for someone with some level of spiritual realization to describe, because neither have i been able to understand the idea completely nor would i be able to describe or explain why it is a part of spiritual evolution of the universe.


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