What is the right way to inpterpret something which is by definition meant to be open to interpretations which could vary based on the perceptions of the person who is interpreting? This means by definition that there is no right way. Lets take that as the working hypothesis. And then try to understand what this is. Actually, this is a small piece which appeared in the paper today, something though which i thought i had to write about. Why? Two reasons. One, it is about alternative sexuality and another it is based on an interpretation which i dont agree with. Read it here (Heaven Police) and you may understand why i am writing this.

Few things i would like to say. To begin with Javier Barragan has an opinion. Politically correct it is not but then opinion it is nevertheless.  Do i agree with it? No i dont. After all every one of us is a child of God so sexual orientation i think is not an issue in the larger frame of reference. It is only if we look at things with a narrow frame of reference that this comes into the focus. In the larger frame of reference there are so many things which we can see and which we need to focus upon that these may tend to be unimportant. But another way to look at it is that the opinion is politically incorrect. That being the point, this is not really what caught my attention.

What i want to write about is the interpretation of the author of the piece of the symbol of Ardhanarishwar. It is largely agreed upon by religious and spiritual scholars that Ardhanarishwar is a symbol of the representation of God’s creation as the amalgation of the two equal aspects of this creation, represented as the Creator (the Divine Dreamer) represented by the masculine form and the Shakti of the Creator to create (represented by the feminine form). What i found strange is the representation of the Ardhanarishwar as homosexuals and transsexuals. This interpretation didnt mean much to me because it looks so much at the picture without trying to go into the meaning and in the process totally changes the meaning of what the picture could mean. Like i said an opinion is just that, and each of us is entitled to one (or more) though maybe logic is the parameter on which we need to measure it.


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  1. nixchesee says:

    Amazing issue, I didn’t thought it would be so cool when I klicked at your link!!

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