Rock On!

This is something which would probably have come a year ago had it not been for the apprehension that by putting the thoughts into words i would be taking something away from the connection which i and quite a few like me made with the movie. But as we are looking forward to meeting (i am talking about a group of musicians from college), jamming, playing a gig at the old places where we used to play when we were back at college, there is this urge to write about the connect i made with the movie. To begin with, why i say quite a few like me made a connect with the movie. After the movie came, i found more and more people going back to their passions from their younger days (with a few or more of gray the word younger has connotations which you must have gray to understand). What this meant was that a lot of musicians from college were trying to get back in touch with the music which they probably hadnt heard for a decade or maybe more, like me. Whatever be the reason, point is the movie inspired a lot of people to look at the things which they cherished as young people and see how they can live those passions again.

You probably know the story again. If you dont click here. Its a story about a bunch of guys who used to play together but who broke up and then got back together after a long hiatus and make some awesome music and how the passion for music has driven the lives of some of them. Thats a bit of a simplification but since a lot has been written about the movie you could google and get a lot more. What i am writing about here are the things i thought about while watching the movie.

One is what i say is peculiar to musicians. Being a drummer i was listening to the drums. Nice drumming and except for a solo and some quite nice drumming in one or two songs overall the drumming was average, which is why it was actually nice to practice with those songs especially when you havent held the sticks for more than a decade. But that aside the movie is done quite well. Why i say that is because the chords the musicians play on stage seem to match the chords which you are hearing onj the sounds and the things the drummer is doing with the sticks and the drums matches the sound of the drums in the song. The point which really got me nostalgic was the point where they are waiting for their chance on the stage at the competition. This is something any musician would have gone through. The tension is high even if you have practised the songs very well. This is because you dont know who will goof up at which point in the song and hence it is almost impossible to predict how others on the band would need to make up to cover up for the good up which happened. This means that the entire performance is a mass of unknowns which leads to so much of tension before the performance especially when everyone is playing cover versions which is what we used to play because when we were in college original music wasnt much and cover versions were much the rage and very popular with the audience.

What i couldnt relate to was the glamorous look of the band guys. This is because as musicians we were more interested in the music than the look and most of the guys in college were the regular guy-next-door kind of folks and one wouldnt be able to find out that they were musicians just looking at them. Not that it mattered because even if we were glamorous, no one looks at the drummer (which, by the way is the one thing i disagree with the movie on) so it doesnt really matter does it? Overall a very nice movie to watch, and if you are a musician and have played a lot of Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floys, and so on, you would love th movie and like the music, if not for any other reason then for the connect the music can build to the time when you would have made it.


3 Comments on “Rock On!”

  1. Thoughts and Me says:

    By the way, look at how song will go when you play it is an unknown and how folks have to improvise as it goes makes me think it could be a complex system.

  2. rajat gulati says:

    wow man, u’ve summed it up beautifully, very well written indeed.

  3. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    thank you, Rajat

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