In a Hurry

I was recently waiting at an airport. Doesnt matter which one. You can choose one that you fancy and substitute that for the nameless airport. Thats because the same scene could have been anywhere. Not much of a scene really. It went something like this.

There is a queue of people getting into the airport for a morning flight. Not everyone is wide awake. Rather difficult to be, at that hour. But thats digressing, i think. So there is a queue of people showing their tickets and IDs to the CISF folks at the gate. Normal, you would think. Quite so. This is when two gentlemen came rushing to the gate. They were apparently late for their flight so they were in a rush. Understandable. One of them was Indian, the other was a foreigner, nationality i would have no way of knowing. This is where it became queer. The foreigner gentleman tried to barge through CISF (i am discounting the queue given they were in a visible hurry) without showing their IDs. Whats queerer still is that the Indian gentleman also tried to do the same with the explanation that they would miss their flight. The insistence of the CISF  man seemed to displease them a bit, but he put his foot down, and wouldnt let them through without seeing their IDs. Thats the story. Now for what i thought.

Anywhere in the world, the Indian gentleman wouldnt have done this, and in his home-country, the foreigner gentleman would also not have done this. In the interest of security, or good citizenship, they would say. The same gentlemen in another country would have kept their IDs handy so it wouldnt take them the 10 or 15 seconds that it takes to show the ID to the CISF folks. Why is it that security or good citizenship plays second fiddle to convenience? I dont know the views of the Indian gentleman on having to show IDs when entering airports but if its in the interest of safety, then we should follow it. Why do we assume that these are negotiable, and more so when in India? If as citizens that is the way we feel, can we blame anyone for security threats, for maybe the biggest security threat is we ourselves?


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