The KM Perspective

This is something i come across whenever someone asks me what i work on. Well, i tell them i work on KM. Usually this leaves a kind of glassy look in their eyes, and earlier this look used to make me a bit uncomfortable. Now though, instead of trying to explain what KM is (why i cant seem to be able to do in less than 5 sentences, which by the way is the limit i think that one should have for defining something, outside of which you dont really know what you are trying to define), i just tell them what i think they would understand. Some of the things which work are best practices, portals, search … Not much more which people really relate to the idea of Knowledge Management.

Which is why this blog seems quite nice. The analogy seems to work, and i agree that everyone looks at KM from what it means to them. Support engineers like to look at KM as a KEDB, while sales folks like to look at KM as presentations, while delivery folks like to look at KM as project repositories. Which is why i agree with Allan when he writes:

Tapping into what others know so I can build on what they have done in order to do my job better.

Now this might mean different things to different people but thats meant to be because after all different people have different kind of work to do and hence would require different tools from KM to be able to do their work better. What is important here is that the same reason is what i feel must get us to make KM more relevant. People should be able to look at KM from the perspective which makes their life simpler, whether it is expertise-location, document repositories, communities or any other tool which knowledge managers may have put to them. Why this is also more important is because as repositories grow, conversations increase, you will find that people will find it more and more difficult to actually distill what they need to do their work better from all the conversation and content and be able to find it easily. Already we are seeing this, one of the reasons i am not too regular on twitter. This is because there are so many updates when i login the morning that by the time i go through them there is already a backlog of more updates to read. If we keep KM like this there will be a time when people may switch off (at least at work) which means that we need to make sure we can present content which is useful and relevant to users so they can then choose what they want to leverage to do their work.

2 Comments on “The KM Perspective”

  1. Nimmy says:

    To be honest, I think the Elephant and the Blind Mean story holds water with re. to anything that’s slightly large and complex in this world! 🙂

  2. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    agree with you, Nirmala. actually we all try to make sense of the world from our perspective and this is limited in ways because we arent trained to look at the larger picture. for example, even scientists are trained to break down complex systems into simple ones, analyze these simple pieces, and then put them back together … which often leads to pictures of systems which are anomalous. will be writing about Chaos Theory soon. 🙂

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