Flights of Fancy

Sometimes some things remind us of somethings. Things evoke images which sometimes we find pleasant sometimes not. I am writing about one such image.

Man has always been fascinated with the idea of flying. Till around a century ago the only flights man could take were of fancy though thats very different now. Do you remember as a child hearing the drone of an airplane and looking up seeing the plane gliding through the clouds and being fascinated by it? Most of us would. But then you grew up and today are a frequent flyer. Did the magic persist?

Somehow seeing the airplane from the ground and being in the airplane are very different from each other. When i look at the airplane especially at night lights twinkling i want to be on it. The real thing doesnt quite match up. Somehow i feel the people in the airplane must be relaxing and must be happy to be on the flight. This tells me that the source of happiness is within us, not outside. We know that, but at times its difficult to realize.

But thats not just the image which comes to mind. There is also wonder at where the airplane is taking these people, and why are they going there. Are they going there to chase or achieve a dream, or to meet loved ones? A new life, maybe? A new world, at times? I guess part of this comes from curiosity, but in part it also comes from a desire to seek a new world. Maybe a world which none have found before, a world which can probably be described, in Tagore’s words as:

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

Whereas when you are flying you probably know its not a new world, its not a new life, it you, your life, you, your world. But if the airplane cant take me there, so what! Maybe i can take me there.


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