Knowledge Growth

Now this is something which i found quite interesting:

Knowledge grows exponentially. The more we know, the greater is our ability to learn, and the faster we expand our knowledge base.

This doesnt come from a book on management, learning, or anything related. This comes from The Lost Symbol. I completed reading it over the weekend.

But thats not what i am writing about. The statement is quite interesting, and we can make out that it stands to reason. Let me give an example. Ever tried to learn a new subject, or a new language? Not easy, is it? Now, compare this to learning something new about your chosen line of specialization. Get the difference? Like i said, one can see that this line of thought stands to reason. What i would like to talk about is the scenario opposite to what the statement talks about. The scenario where  one has very little or no knowledge about a particular subject, and trying to build knowledge about the subject. Now, from this statement, one can make out that starting is the point which is most difficult, and this is an important point where KM or Training (both working together to a large extent, actually) intervention is most helpful. What makes this challenging is not knowing who would require what intervention on which topic when, and what what context. This of course must be pull based, but the question is, to what extent these requirements can be met especially given the diverse nature of such requirements which builds up the long tail of knowledge requirements, and this is probably one of the things which knowledge managers need to look at, in other words, try to make KM more relevant to the knowledge needs to diverse groups of people.


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